Arados Bureau for Sea Services is a privately held company established since 2000, headquartered in Tartous-syria. ARADOS specializes in the provision of maritime services in the fields of registration and classification of ships, and marine survey services, ship management systems, as well as providing security and crewing services for ships.

In ARADOS we work hard to leverage the quality of our services to step up globally, so that to maintain a global network in the countries of greater demand, and to be the leader in our region. We believe that the best way to reach our strategic inspirations and to continue our tradition of excellence is the on-going training and development of all the company employees; as well as their awareness with ARADOS’s quality policy.

For this, we are committed to:

  1. Implementing a sound Quality Management System compatible with ISO 9001:2015 international standard requirements, and the continual improvement of its effectiveness.
  2. Increasing employees’ awareness, capabilities and enhancing their performance through effective training in order to achieve the company’s quality objectives and reach successful results.
  3. Understanding current and potential customers’ cultures, values and needs and working on satisfying those needs.
  4. Complying with applicable requirements.
  5. Disseminating the principle of continual improvement throughout the company, and ensuring suitable work environment to achieve this.
  6. Establishing quality objectives and periodically following up their suitability and applicability.
  7. Ensuring that the quality policy is communicated and understood through the company.


The above-mentioned items in the quality policy are reviewed periodically for continuing suitability through management review meetings.

General Manager

        Eng. OMAR